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Visual Mining Inspections


What is a Visual Mining Inspection?

A Visual Mining Inspection from AW Surveyors provides a non-intrusive inspection of a property as well as the surrounding areas. The inspection is carried out by one of our qualified, experienced chartered surveyors who will look to detect visible signs of structural defects. The inspection will also assess indicators of settlement deriving from previous mining or quarrying within the area.

What is a Visual Mining Inspection Report?

A visual mining inspection report is often requested following the result of mining searches by solicitors. On occasion, land owners or purchasers ask for a Visual Mining Inspection for their own assurance, if they are concerned about mining features. This type of inspection is used to assess whether there is any evidence of previous or ongoing ground movement as a result of historic mining activity in the area.

The report will include comments on the structure of the property, its condition and any impact on the property from mining related activities. If necessary, advice will be given on any remedial works required. Photographic evidence from the inspection will also be provided.


Why choose AW Surveyors for a Visual Mining Inspection?


Having trained within the mining industry our Surveyors are suitably qualified and experienced to complete this type of inspection and provide any advice. Our leading expertise provides our clients with peace of mind over the risk status of the property. This risk status can then be referred to by insurers and mortgage providers wherever necessary.


Please contact us for any further information regarding Visual Mining Inspections.

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