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Snagging Survey


If you’ve just bought a new home or are in the process of doing so, the last thing on your mind is likely to be a Snagging Survey but it should be. When purchasing a new-build home we expect it to be pristine, perfect and ready to last. Sadly, that is not always the case and Snagging Surveys prevent such occurrences from ruining what should be a happy occasion.  AW Surveyors strongly recommend Snagging Surveys to ensure your new home is exactly as it should be.


What is a Snagging Survey?


If there are errors to be found, AW Surveyors will find them. The positive news is that most problems that occur with new-build homes are cosmetic, superficial issues. This means that in most cases, these issues are easily rectifiable. With that in mind, a full RICS Homebuyers Survey is not always necessary. This is where a Snagging Survey is perfect.

A Snagging Survey from AW Surveyors will check the property for any existing or potential problems for the future.  A Snagging Survey raises any issues in the property that fall short of the expected warranty standards. We will also highlight any breaches of building regulations. Identification of all outstanding works is also included along with identification of where traditional custom and practice within the industry have not been met.

AW Surveyors use our in-house software to produce a comprehensive Snagging Survey inspection report. Our software allows us to cover each and every defect with a description, annotation and photos within the report (upon request). This helps to avoid any excuses or concerns raised from your developer.

When is the best time to have a Snagging Survey?


The timeframe in which to conduct a Snagging Survey can be quite open, however, we always recommend that the best time to have a Snagging Survey completed is during the period of time between the completion of building work and your legal completion date. We recommend this time so that in the event we do discover issues, this gives the developer the time to fix the issues prior to your moving in date.


In the event that it is not possible to conduct the Snagging Survey during our recommended time, you do not need to be concerned. There is still plenty of time to do so. On occasion, certain developers may not allow a Snagging Survey to be conducted prior to completion. If this happens to be the case for you, then it is possible to raise this with your conveyancer, who could look to intervene and arrange access to the property on your behalf. If, however this still is not an option then AW Surveyors would simply look to book the Snagging Survey in wherever convenient to you after your moving in date. This is because the developers are usually still onsite and therefore able to address any raised issues quickly and efficiently.


It is possible to have a Snagging Survey conducted throughout your first two years in the property so do not be overly-concerned if you have moved in but haven’t considered this beforehand. As long as a Snagging Survey is done within the first two years of your legal completion date, the developer is duty bound to repair any defects reported by us.

Who needs a Snagging Survey?

Anyone that has recently purchased or looking to purchase a new house or apartment should look to have a Snagging Survey conducted as soon as possible. A new home is a major investment, so you deserve to know that it has been completed to an expected standard.

There are two other notable mentions of where a Snagging Survey would be beneficial. The first is following the completion of any renovation works to a property or the addition of an extension to a property. The second is for property investors. If you are a property investor, we highly recommend a Snagging Survey as it is much better for us to discover potential build issues and discuss them with you rather than potential tenants to find them once they have moved in.

Why Should I Use AW Surveyors For My Snagging Survey?

You always have the option of drawing up a potential snagging list of your own. Many people do this, and this is well within your rights when moving into a new-build home. There are however, many advantages to seeking the assistance of a registered Chartered Surveyor to help. AW Surveyors can save you a lot of time and hassle by providing a much more comprehensive Snagging Survey inspection report.

AW Surveyors know what to look for. Our years of experience means we know the things that can go wrong with new-build homes or apartments and know how to spot them. Our leading experience ensures we know when something is right …. and when something is wrong.

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