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Building Survey

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This type of survey is more relevant if you are purchasing an old property, a particularly large property or a Listed building.

What is a Building Survey?


A Building Survey is a meticulous, comprehensive inspection of a property. Previously known as a Structural Survey, a Building Survey is the most widespread survey available for both residential and commercial properties, providing a detailed evaluation of the condition the property is in.


The Building Survey Report confirms construction and condition, with estimates of the work required and photographic evidence of the defects, which are included in the report.


Building Surveys can only be conducted by RICS regulated chartered surveyors. AW Surveyors ensure the advice you receive is independent and unbiased from expertly trained professionals.


Does my property need a Building Survey?


Building Surveys are suitable for all properties, however, there are particular properties that they are most appropriate for. These properties include:


  • Listed Buildings – Refers to a building which is included on the statutory list of ‘buildings of special architectural or historic interest’, which is sometimes referred to as The National Heritage List. It recognises that a building is special in a national context and brings with it controls over alteration, extension and demolition.

  • Particularly large properties

  • Properties of abnormal construction, regardless of age

  • Older buildings – AW Surveyors recommend this for properties over 150 years old

  • Buildings of which you are looking to renovate

  • Buildings that have already been renovated or significantly changed

What does a Building Survey involve?

A Building Survey will include a comprehensive report on your property. This description will feature a full building inspection, a full survey report and a property valuation.

How A Building Survey Report Works

Upon completion of you building survey, AW Surveyors will provide a final report to you, which will detail the full outcome of the inspection. This report will cover all discoveries of major and minor defects that we consider to be compromising the structural integrity of your property. Furthermore, we will identify and communicate to you all problems and their root cause, recommendations wherever necessary and an indication of repair costs.

Why Choose AW Surveyors for your Building Survey?

When buying a property, you are making a significant financial investment, so it is vital that you receive the best advice possible to make an informed decision. A Building Survey with AW Surveyors ensures you that you are receiving expert knowledge from a RICS registered chartered surveyor. Our leading experience means you will receive independent, unbiased advice on the on true condition of the property in question.

An independent, expert Building Survey may unearth a structural problem with the property that you where otherwise unaware of. This structural problem may have gone unnoticed beforehand leaving you with the potential for significant expense once you have moved in. Make sure you do things right and get the building survey you need to put your mind at ease and avoid any unwanted, costly surprises.

What is the cost of a Building Survey?

The cost of a Building Survey will depend on the details of your property. Costs fluctuate depending on property type, size and location.  Contact AW Surveyors on 01326 702207 or by email at and we will be more than happy to provide you with a quote.

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