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Pre-Sale Sellers Survey


A Pre-Sale Sellers Survey is commissioned when a homeowner is considering putting their property up for sale.

What is a Pre-Sale Sellers Survey?

This type of survey offers the option to identify all current defects of the property prior to putting it on the market. Once identified, each defect can be rectified prior to the property hitting the market, preventing potential issues down the line during the sales process.

A Pre-Sale Sellers Survey is a confidential report provided by AW Surveyors that enables sellers to put their property on the market, safe in the knowledge that all defects are known and dealt with. Not only does this report alleviate stress, it also puts the seller in a strong position prior to the attendance of any potential mortgage lender conducting a survey of their own on behalf of a potential buyer. Earlier realisation of what a lender’s surveyor may find provides the seller with the advantage of foresight to act accordingly.

Upon the finding of defects, the seller can then employ a professional to complete the necessary works or undertake the works themselves, the choice is entirely up to the individual seller. Once done, the seller can be confident that their property is hitting the market in a healthy condition.

Do I need a Pre-Sale Sellers Survey?

You are not legally obliged to commission a Pre-Sale Sellers Survey. This option is something that we at AW Surveyors offer to provide the big-picture and peace of mind to our clients.

Our leading expertise and vast experience means we know all potential defects surveyors will be looking for on behalf of potential homebuyers for either mortgage purposes or a private property valuation. If several defects are identified by a surveyor during the purchasing process, such defects can cause a potential down-grade in the valuation of the property itself, a renegotiation of the purchase price or, in worse case scenarios, the buyer to walk away from purchase entirely.

AW Surveyors believe it to be very useful to sellers by providing significant insight of defects that are likely to be found during the homebuyers survey.

Consider this service to be an MOT of your property, otherwise known as a Property Health Check. When defects are found early, especially before the house goes up for sale, it generally results in a much simpler, stress-free selling valuation and survey process.

Get in touch with AW Surveyors

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